TIMELINE 1 – The Temporality and Potential Endlessness of the Line

Waring Rago Studio still – painting sequence captured photographically, as stills, desktop printed and laid out in sequence next to OMPHALOS by Nicholas Gulig. I have been thinking about the Line – all the things that a line is/can be/might be/represents – and in the manner of Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art (as Jonathan […]

Navigating the World

I have always enjoyed experimenting with making simple artist books and included works on paper in my exhibition (notice folded paper exhibits in the two cases in the centre of the room) at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery in 2016 I would like to re-evaluate the above in connection with PICTOPOIESIS. On the theme of navigation […]

Influences, Inspirations (annotated)

Book/Anthology/Unbroken thread of consciousness/importance of going to original source of thought, not an interpretation  – Constable quote on back cover: ‘that the world should be inclined to look to painters for information on painting’ Formative – read many times over in Florence as introduction to Art/painters/painting. Book/Anthology of Van Gogh’s powerful, deeply honest, poetic writing […]

Ten Thousand Lines, at Least

It has taken several days to structure the latest passage of paint, as shown below. The header image is the whole work as it is today. The limit of its fineness is reached when the oil paint becomes sticky due to its oxidation.  I have never counted as I go – that would be too arduous […]

Sentences on the Line (continued)

Sentences on the line (contd):   I may repeat a sentence The sentence is never the same again These sentences are not rules, These sentences are elemental These sentences are elementary These sentences have endless progression These sentences contain endless expansion Many lines can represent that which a single line does not Many lines can represent […]

Prophecy and Place

(This post was mistakenly made as a page, so it is quite out of date but not to worry – I am on a learning curve with this blog! I have copied and pasted content below):   I receive a poem a day, in emails from the Poetry Foundation, today’s had this editor’s note: Editor’s […]


(This post was one which I earlier mistakenly made as a page – I am learning the ins and outs of the blog!  so below is a copy and paste re-assignment of it as this post. I must also say how much I appreciate this blog as a collaborative partner even though I am still […]


as an extension to the continued first tutorial with Jonathan Kearney I add to the sentences so far: (the painting progresses further, header image detailing line) Sentences on the line by J Waring Rago: (second draft) a line is a dot which has grown straight lines suggest structure, particularly lines in parallel an edge is usually […]

First Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney (further reflections)

Jonathan drew my attention to some of the Sentences on  Conceptual Art by Sol Lewitt  -in particular sentences 19, 20 and 21, copied below. This interests me in that these come straight from the artist.  The sentences themselves are food for thought, as is also the idea of making a list of sentences about my own […]

HYBRIDS – fields of experiment

So far in these reflections, I have wanted to extend the introduction of my painting to better evidence where I am coming from with respect to it, at the same time building an interface with the digital. Thinking now about my contribution to our first group exhibition coming up on 1st December at 2 Girls Gallery; […]