Prophecy and Place

(This post was mistakenly made as a page, so it is quite out of date but not to worry – I am on a learning curve with this blog! I have copied and pasted content below):


I receive a poem a day, in emails from the Poetry Foundation, today’s had this editor’s note:

Editor’s Note:  Richard Wilbur passed away on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the age of 96.

The poem is called Advice to a Prophet, and below a link to it:

The above marked the day, as did the sun, which was a strange orange, rapturous, as if evening at midday. The atmospheric conditions very unusual, strange infact – I wanted to know why.  More and more the computer brings me answers, tells me that it is not just me experiencing this. whatever it is:

I ask why is the sun orange today? and pick out an answer, finding that it is a widespread effect, not just local.  We are on common ground, though I am on the Eastern side of England, and Manchester is on the West:

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