Cognitive Infrastructures: contemplations concerning our relationship with synthetic intelligence and our role in its development and evolution.

Particularly pertinent to the Antikythera Studio theme Cognitive Infrastructures, concerning the speculation What does intelligence look like? please visit the link below first:

Installation Image University of the Arts, London

Please see further images of the installation above, including videos with audio:

Further selected work follows below, consisting of imagery of original paintings and the physical works regenerated in the digital domain:
A Planetary Contemplation
The Greater Mirror
A Symbiosis (Grain of Sand)
Permeabilities and Exchanges of a Visible Invisible Nature
Trained and Untrained Wanderings (Birds through a Ceiling of Alabaster)
Traversings Forming (landscape of the thought of it in formation) – work in progress capture and rudimentary 3d rendition
Traversing Permeable Interfaces
A Juxtaposition Concerning Matters Micro and Macro

What Does Intelligence Look Like?

Further work including videos with audio:

MA Visual Art Fine Art Digital Research Paper:

Website and more research:

All work, visual, text and audio, by J.Waring Rago.

Original physical paintings are in oil on aluminium, with dimensions approx.1230 x 1250 mm.