(This post was one which I earlier mistakenly made as a page – I am learning the ins and outs of the blog!  so below is a copy and paste re-assignment of it as this post. I must also say how much I appreciate this blog as a collaborative partner even though I am still very much on a learning curve in all respects.)

For me, etymology is always a tool to aid reflection:

This week’s Tuesday was an interactive session where we were introduced to processing by and successfully effected online. I needed both my Chromebook (habitual apparatus) for the Skype chat as well as my out of date Mac computer – its operating system was just within the limits of the requirement to download the info sent. The info could not be downloaded onto my Chromebook – a limitation with the Chromebook for now – currently putting together a better set up but don’t want to hurry this!

So, two devices, which don’t like each other! Mac doesn’t like Chromebook, so to keep up with the session I was having to type in information which I could have just copied and pasted – so many typos my end as there were intricate details but really gratified to have held in there, in spite.

Processing then: when I first saw some examples of the technique being taken to a high level, I was amazed.

I saw that processing is about transferring information already formulated and then altering and evolving that information towards the desired endpoint.

That information being, relative to painting, material-less – and in this respect very much in contrast to painting such that I see it could act as a useful tool/technique to elucidate aspects of my painting which might otherwise remain hidden. If I were to use processing myself it would have to be at a rudimentary level – I can see that it is very time consuming, and needs practice – like painting in this respect.

To collaborate with an expert processer, now that would be a different thing – and some impressive results could be obtained, particularly if projected on a large scale. Digital festivals are appearing in the UK – here in Lincoln – one now on – the Frequency Festival. I now see how the works shown there have been created. I feel informed and have gained insight through this interactive session, in terms of what is possible and what can realistically be achieved in terms of processing.

Image on header shows a recreation of the approach a person/procession would have taken to have an audience with the Chinese Emperor – this taken at the exhibition The Forbidden City, throughout this Summer in Monaco.

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