A Return

This year’s residency just finished has been a very rich and intense experience. One opportunity I found particularly valuable was being shown how to make a projection mapping installation at South Kiosk Gallery in Peckham. We worked in groups and achieved a poetic end result which in turn made me think of my painting. This surprised me as […]

Digital transmutations of slow circle drawings prepared for online research discussion Thursday 7th March 2019

1. 2. 3. 4.   Many thanks to those who sent me their drawings. Above are some digital transmutations from Slow Circle line drawings collected from my onliner peers. I devised Slow Circle as a way of looking at new poetic possibility within the simple element of line. In Slow Circle, line is generated from zero […]

A philosopher argues that an AI can never be an artist



A slow watch: Morpheus late 14c., name for the god of dreams in Ovid, son of Sleep, literally “the maker of shapes,” from Greek morphē “form, shape, figure,” especially “a fine figure, a beautiful form; beauty, fashion, outward appearance,” a word of uncertain etymology. Related: Morphean. Morphō was an epithet of Aphrodite at Sparta, literally “shapely.”     … Morpheus was one […]

A Poem

During the London residency, I receive online from far away a poem by Fernando Pessoa, reminding me of home and the painting back there waiting for me to return (source): The Herdsman BY ALBERTO CAEIRO (FERNANDO PESSOA) TRANSLATED BY EDOUARD RODITI I’m herdsman of a flock. The sheep are my thoughts And my thoughts are all sensations. […]

Towards a conclusion

For me as a long time practitioner of painting, it has been a point of fascination how much has emerged (and increasingly so) from the work which has application outside and beyond painting. For example, the Slow Circle drawing exercise could be translated into performance in numerous ways. In painting the elements are quite limited but […]

Awaiting its Conclusion

The painting started off with a visual of the six persimmons, round things. I have brought the painting to its current state and been cogitating on it at length and now see how I can bring it to its inevitable conclusion. The painting itself becomes the subject matter such that its conclusion was impossible to […]