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Janet Waring Rago’s practice centres around the act of painting, embodying material with a synthesis that is the result of a long evolution encompassing poetry, nature, and existential ideas of the self in a vast universe (in the face of the blank ‘canvas’). During her MA (Fine Art Digital) at Camberwell, she developed a methodology unfolding the time-based narrative of a painting’s making hidden beneath the final layer, evidencing the ebb and flow that erodes the material’s resistance against the shaping of the work. Capturing successive phases, she creates a visual poetic document of the interior mind of a painting unveiling the rhythm and fluctuations of a continually adaptive transformation. The emergent videos are synchronously accompanied by poems and phonemes generated by the artist disclosing a one-to-one relationship with material and idea; acting as filter, she brings together the parallel worlds of motion and sentience in interchangeable forms.