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Janet Waring Rago


BSc (Hons); P.G.C.E; MA Visual Arts Fine Art Digital (Distinction and 2019 Alumni Prize); F.L.S. 

As a fine art painter I have also integrated my studio practice with the digital; completing in 2019 an MA Fine Art (Digital) at UAL Camberwell with distinction. I was also awarded the 2019 Alumni Prize. The MA work was regularly documented on this blog for two years 2017-2019; please refer to pages menu for supporting evidence of this. 

Some Background and Biography (copy of text prepared for 2019 MA Final/Summer Show):

Janet Waring Rago’s practice centres around the act of painting, embodying material with a synthesis which is the result of a long evolution encompassing poetry, nature and existential ideas of the self in a vast universe (in the face of the blank ‘canvas’). During her MA (Fine Art Digital) at Camberwell, she has developed a methodology that unveils the time-based narrative of a painting’s making hidden beneath the final layer, evidencing the ebb and flow that erodes the material’s resistance against the shaping of the work. Capturing successive phases, she creates a visual poetic document of the interior mind of a painting unveiling the rhythm and fluctuations of a continually adaptive transformation. The emergent videos are synchronously accompanied by poems and phonemes generated by the artist disclosing a one to one relationship with material and idea; acting as filter, the artist brings together the parallel worlds of motion and sentience in interchangeable forms. 

Janet Waring Rago studied painting in Florence, Italy, living there for almost a decade before establishing a studio in the UK. Prior to this, she had studied plant sciences at Manchester University, gaining an honours degree in botany. She has exhibited extensively, solo shows at public galleries include Leicester Museum and Art Gallery New Walk, Cooper Gallery Barnsley, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery and The British Institute of Florence. She is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, the world’s oldest extant natural history society. 

Link to work: http://www.jwaringrago.blog/work

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Email (this is the best way to contact me): jwaringrago@gmail.com  

Blog: http://www.jwaringrago.blog 

Mobile: 07846995775

Land:   01673 878615


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