For every atom belonging to me

image: collage of the Six Persimmons at its current stage, four different orientations and below, animation across the picture plane rather than into it: The painting’s atoms-like look makes me think of Whitman’s opening line for Song of Myself: I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom […]

And then it struck me…

  I took the photo of the cage with a background of the surface of the table on which I do my paintings. For no other reason than that is was convenient to do so, or was there actually another reason? –  in the form of an awareness which made me feel that this was […]

The blind spot

I am thinking that in this article is correspondence with an essential principle underlying pictopoiesis: that the material reality of the painting and its beginnings with the fundamental building blocks (the black dot “atom”), is what the painting all works back to, and traceably so.  In fact, how closely this principle of pictopoiesis, of material connection with source and origin, […]


Painting in progress, and without it being predetermined, a cloud suggests itself. I orientate the work in different ways. The cloud, like the thought of it itself, subject to constant reformation. Its behaviour governed by conditions around it, near and far, of atmosphere, weather and climate. Everyone knows clouds.     I have already journeyed from the earthed […]

Origin always has echo

The art of our earliest ancestors is compelling, so I was interested to look through an article (see notes at end of post) in my inbox, which has triggered the following post: Some time ago I did a series of paintings in which, amongst other matters, I was interested in trying to commune and reconnect […]

Six Persimmons (ongoing)

This painting began with a figurative point of reference but follows the same pictopoietic pathway of previous paintings. Pictopiesis is not only applicable to non-objective painting. The first passage of paint is always a defining moment, it is the point of origin of the work, and always has its echo in the eventual outcome. This is the […]

Yellow Leporello 9×9

  I began with a playful title for the above, Yellow Leporello. I wanted to see where it would lead me because I know that it always leads somewhere new and surprising. Leporello, the word itself is reputedly taken from Mozart’s opera, Don Giovanni which contains the so-called Catalogue Aria in which DG’s manservant, called Leporello, unfolds […]

Planting Trees

Some works take many years to come into their own materially. Painting is like planting trees. Below, painting by JWR: A short sequence, oil on a wooden bowl (its original title being Towards a Theory of Everything)  

Threads 2

        Notes to self: Connecting threads, lines, weave, tantra, as in treatise, weave, loom//online digital wall, fabric, membrane// elements of pictopoiesis//leporello, tangible, original, source//sculptural, book, map, navigation (making sense of the world), painting//8×8

Membrane 3

    Notes to self: weaving//fabric of shared descent//loom//lines//linen//oil//evolution//anthropology//poiesis//pictopoiesis//source//origin