Concerning the Elemental

Recombining the pictorial elements in animated form to make pictopoietic poems/poems of pictopoiesis 1.The Origin of Blue 33 sec. video:   notes to self: point, line, circular pathway that returns to source/origin, time, colour have several earlier works (painted) on this same theme

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: poems on poetry-making and paintings

(header image of one of the paintings currently in progress) Constantly Risking Absurdity (#15) BY LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI Constantly risking absurdity                                              and death             whenever he performs                                         above the heads                                                             of his audience    the poet like an acrobat                                  climbs on rime                                           to a high wire of his own making and balancing on eyebeams                                      above a sea […]


The matter of signing the paintings has always been problematic to me. I do not like to disturb the surface without careful consideration first and at best find the act of signing something uncomfortably self-conscious. Sometimes this is not the case. My latest idea is to make a handprint on the back of the work […]

The future as a matter of the continuously evolving past

The painting above (125 x 127 cm) is one I have been working on today as I would like to complete it for the Summer show. It has been suspended for a year having been started early on in the MA. Here is a reminder of how it began and its story so far:

Reviewing Some Paintings

Oil on aluminium, dimensions are given below each painting, all of them made since the beginning of the MA:  123 x 125 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one still to be completed) 125 x 127 cm 125 x 123 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one above still ongoing)  125 x 123 cm   […]

Out of Pictopoiesis

it is incredible how a call to action such as the Summer show in thirteen weeks time really galvanises. For me this is all the more the case for the contrast of approach this represents relative to my normal practice; the painting being a painstakingly slow, absorbing production, each large painting maybe taking several months. […]