Macrocosmic, Microcosmic

Timelapse of the future (video) As if through a window, a single point then line, a universe, and back again – animated sketch of a single line drawing: note to self: The universe inside the black dot/macrocosm, microcosm

Random Motion

Following on from the previous post: The drawing in oil on card above was created with the discarded material from a painting: The marks, though randomly made, never-the-less seem to be a self-organising whole. It makes me wonder, is the ultimate state of everything disorder (entropy) or is it actually order arising out of a […]

Order and Disorder

Header and above images: Drawing in Random Mode, oil on card by JWR  Aeon online: The music of all time is a duet between order and disorder?

Concerning the Elemental

Recombining the pictorial elements in animated form to make pictopoietic poems/poems of pictopoiesis 1.The Origin of Blue 33 sec. video:   notes to self: point, line, circular pathway that returns to source/origin, time, colour have several earlier works (painted) on this same theme


The matter of signing the paintings has always been problematic to me. I do not like to disturb the surface without careful consideration first and at best find the act of signing something uncomfortably self-conscious. Sometimes this is not the case. My latest idea is to make a handprint on the back of the work […]