Reviewing Titles

labels are due soon (link to calendar concerning the Summer Show) so have been reviewing the titles for the paintings for the upcoming Summer show as given in this earlier post Dates for the Summer Show are: Thursday 11 July 18.00 – 21.00 – opening night Friday 12 July 10.00 – 20.00 Saturday 13 July […]

for my information – some essential admin re Summer Show

Below, our instructions, received by email from Jonathan: attached are the important documents that you need in planning the MA Summer Shows: – MA Select Show application form (deadline Monday 1 July 10.00 UK time) – MA Summer Show official PDF invite – you can send this to friends, family and contacts – Risk Assessment […]

Critical Evaluation for Group Tutorial: Future-Focused

Critical Evaluation (Future-Focused) – preliminary text prepared for group tutorial session Thursday 13th June 2019: The MA Summer Show preparation has allowed me to consolidate an idea that was embedded in my work from the outset: the painting plus its video as a single module of installation. I intend to continue this trajectory already having […]

Symposium 2 – reflecting on feedback

I have had some problems retrieving the Skype feedback of my online peers but one thing I remember was the feedback in terms of hearing my  narration. I have discovered over the course of the MA that I really enjoy narrating. This has given me encouragement and impetus with respect to creating narratives to the […]

Reviewing Some Paintings

Oil on aluminium, dimensions are given below each painting, all of them made since the beginning of the MA:  123 x 125 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one still to be completed) 125 x 127 cm 125 x 123 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one above still ongoing)  125 x 123 cm   […]

Out of Pictopoiesis

it is incredible how a call to action such as the Summer show in thirteen weeks time really galvanises. For me this is all the more the case for the contrast of approach this represents relative to my normal practice; the painting being a painstakingly slow, absorbing production, each large painting maybe taking several months. […]

A Return

This year’s residency just finished has been a very rich and intense experience. One opportunity I found particularly valuable was being shown how to make a projection mapping installation at South Kiosk Gallery in Peckham. We worked in groups and achieved a poetic end result which in turn made me think of my painting. This surprised me as […]

And another link

Link to Edmark M. Law’s interesting and lively blog, Learn Fun Facts I follow his blog; latest post concerning the letter M, which I alighted on as a (kind of) inversion of the letter W at the end of writing in this recent post.