as an extension to the continued first tutorial with Jonathan Kearney I add to the sentences so far:

(the painting progresses further, header image detailing line)

Sentences on the line by J Waring Rago:

(second draft)

a line is a dot which has grown

straight lines suggest structure, particularly lines in parallel

an edge is usually misrepresented by a line

the horizon is a line

a circle is a single line

a circular line encloses

circles are easy to draw

a perfect circle is not easy to draw

a straight line is easy to draw

a perfectly straight line is not easy to draw

lines flow

lines give direction

a line is temporal

a horizontal line is one thing, a vertical line an entirely different thing

a diagonal line is dynamic

a line can be strong or weak or anywhere in between

a line may be quick or slow

a line denotes flat

a line denotes not-flat

a line can become a wave

a line can last forever

a line carries its origin within it

anyone can draw a line

a line is not necessarily drawn using the hand

many many more sentences can be written about the line

the above sentences are to be read in no particular order, hence they are not numbered

I shall add to these sentences as I go

the three dots signify a pause at the end of the last sentences. I may well repeat myself as I go but that will be interesting in itself, I think – all this with the intention of reviewing and further curating this list in the future:

the line may not exist at all

the line depends entirely on its context

the line emerges out of its context

the line is also the space between lines

no one line is ever exactly the same as another

the line is a trajectory

the line can be the thought of it

line is both thing and action (noun and verb)

a line is a thread

the line is the thread

the line is potentially infinite

parallel lines never meet

crosshatching is made of lines, so line can be tone

line comes from line, as in linen

line and linen are related, so linseed oil is related to line

a line is a linen thread

lines can be woven

lines make a mesh

lines make a grid





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