Influences, Inspirations (annotated)


Book/Anthology/Unbroken thread of consciousness/importance of going to original source of thought, not an interpretation  – Constable quote on back cover: ‘that the world should be inclined to look to painters for information on painting’ Formative – read many times over in Florence as introduction to Art/painters/painting.


Book/Anthology of Van Gogh’s powerful, deeply honest, poetic writing infused with his drawings and paintings – a moving, intimate portrait of the artist of universal appeal – VG always touches on common human ground first not separating Art from life. An early formative influence for me whilst in Florence, and painting from life; still lifes, landscapes seeding ideas of these potentially as forms of reflective portrait – self, other, us.


Poster- Recent/Today: painting – a way of navigating the world/map of continent/planet body. The header image; Continent of Unfolding Horizons/Negative Capability/adopted for the 2016 Summer Writing Programme, The New Weathers at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University USA. The painting is given outside context, the image inhabiting a new environment, traveling internationally – digital as tool for image communication. The SWP is a well-known, international point of reference for creative writing.


Book – the impossibility of real human communication – words are ultimately impossible to communicate with clearly. Seeded thought for me – paint first and derive everything else from that – filter and distill everything into the painting, don’t try to put it into words, keep painting, potentially clarify by working out the fundamental basic units of its pictorial language – PICTOPOIESIS. Book was early influence, read it in Florence, food for thought also with reference to the theatre/performance.


Recent; Book of Lake A Poem by Nicholas Gulig. My painting as cover – Encircling a Commons, or Cage, (painting title being a line from Omphalos by Nicholas Gulig, collaborative poetry/visual art written in response to a series of works) in conjunction, also see:


Sentences on Conceptual Art, Sol LeWitt

Most recent to date – re-evaluation of line element for Pictopoiesis/project




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