Painting as a Form of Cultivation

J. Waring Rago 

Artist’s Documentation Concerning Painting as a Form of Cultivation about a Particular Set of Original Works on Prepared Paper


I approach painting as a form of cultivation, and these recent works on paper exemplify this. I prime only a central area (variable in size and shape) of the paper to delineate a special Petri dish-like zone for culturing the painting’s idea hand in hand with its physical presence. I cultivate an idea of aliveness within the oil paint as a vital component of the work’s generative and transformative power. I integrate these matters through the internal logic of my painting system, pictopoiesis.  

Below is a selection of six individual images of original works on prepared paper, with titles showing the central zone of the paper prepared as described above. The overall dimensions of the (300 gm cartridge) paper are 70 x 50 cm.

Song of Itself


Grey Flower

There is a Truth within the Grey though where it Lies I could not Say

A Poem of Place and Time

To Tell of a Land that Once was Us, as it Fell from a Cloud

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