Fabric of Common Descent

Polyphonocryptochromocytopoiesis (oil on aluminium 125 x 127 cm JWR) notes to self: retracing the history of pictopoiesis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_descent

Membrane 3

    Notes to self: weaving//fabric of shared descent//loom//lines//linen//oil//evolution//anthropology//poiesis//pictopoiesis//source//origin

Lines on Lines and Lines on Lines on Lines

Lines on lines by J.Waring Rago:   edited, unpunctuated, contd:   Lines are points which have grown Lines suggest architecture Parallel lines suggest strong structure Lines represent edges Lines misrepresent edges A line denotes the horizon The horizon is not a line There is no such thing as the horizon line A single line makes a […]

To do is to make, is to be

I feel that things are beginning to confirm themselves, clarifying the direction of my project – I am beginning to structure the proposal and shall write it up in a post soon. Jonathan’s Methodology lecture has helped in clarifying some matters that had been going around without anchor, in my mind for a long time, years […]