Lines on Lines and Lines on Lines on Lines

Lines on lines by J.Waring Rago:


edited, unpunctuated, contd:


Lines are points which have grown

Lines suggest architecture

Parallel lines suggest strong structure

Lines represent edges

Lines misrepresent edges

A line denotes the horizon

The horizon is not a line

There is no such thing as the horizon line

A single line makes a circle

A circular line encloses

Circles are easily drawn lines

A perfect circle is not easy to draw

A straight line is easy to draw

A perfectly straight line is not easy to draw

A line is a flow

A line is a direction

Line is temporal

A horizontal line is one thing, a vertical line an entirely different thing

A diagonal line is dynamic

Lines can be strong or weak or anywhere in between

Lines can be quick or slow


Lines are not necessarily straight

Waves are lines

A line potentially lasts forever

A line carries its origin within it

Everyone draws lines

Lines are being drawn all the time

A line is not necessarily drawn using the hand

At least 10,000 lines can be written about the line

These lines are in no particular order


The space between lines may also be a line

No one line is ever exactly the same as another

A line is a trajectory

A line is also the thought of that line

Line is both thing and action (noun and verb)

A thread is a line

The line is the thread

Lines are either broken or unbroken

Unbroken lines connect

Broken lines disconnect

A line is potentially infinite

Parallel lines never meet even at infinity

Perfectly parallel lines suggest infinity

Crosshatching is made of lines so line can be tone

The word line comes from line, as in linen

Linen is made of threads

Linen is used to line things

Lining is an internal matter

Linseed oil comes from the seed of the linen

The seed begins the line

A seed is a point of origin

A linen thread comes from a seed which has grown

Linseed oil comes from the seed which has grown

Linseed oil carries its origin within it

Lines as threads can be woven

Lines make a fabric

Lines make a grid


Lines on Lines on Lines:


I may repeat a line

The line is never the same again

The lines are not rules,

The lines are writing

The lines have endless progression

The lines have unbounded implications

The lines imply endless expansion


These lines may contradict themselves

These lines do not contradict themselves

These lines contain multitudes

These lines are also verse

The lines have grown from a single point of origin

The lines do not end

These lines on Line are at least 10,000

I may repeat a line

These lines are memories

These lines may be hidden or lost

You must write your own lines

These lines belong as much to you, as they do to me

These lines are a gift

If I repeat myself it is to strengthen the lines and the line

My paintings embody all of the lines on line

My other works also embody lines and lines on line on lines

The above 2 lines are the most important lines of all

I shall illustrate only a few of the lines on line, as they are endless

These lines on lines on lines are parallel

These lines on lines cross over each other

These lines on lines on lines also have lines between them

The lines on lines on line are as endless as the lines on lines

When the lines on line pause the line does not disappear it merely rests

When the lines on lines on lines pause the line still persists and remains unbroken

The paused line is the instant suspended indefinitely

The instant contains the presence of the line

Infinity is an unbroken line

The symbol for infinity is drawn with a single line which returns to its point of origin


indefinite pause

Note to self: further explorations of infinity are mind-bogglingly fascinating and could also weave into my work – it is more about where to draw the line (forgive the pun) as in what not to do rather than what to do. That old phrase of mine – keeping things simple but not too simple (minimalism leads eventually to a type of self- destruction). A painting does not need to be clever – things can never fully be worked out – this from my study plan given at the very beginning of this MA see my pebble pad stuff.






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