Membrane 3

    Notes to self: weaving//fabric of shared descent//loom//lines//linen//oil//evolution//anthropology//poiesis//pictopoiesis//source//origin


With practopoiesis in mind and the notion of the painting as a mind mirror… I took some stills of the studio – the painting in progress on my working table.* Normally in photographing a work, it is desirable to eliminate any reflections but here the reflection presented a mirror-like surface, which seemed to suggest a new extension […]

Microcosm, Macrocosm

The translucent spheroids are one of the means by which the painting’s narrative is made; they are as permeable veils connecting all directions and planes, so contributing to the sense of depth. I also begin to see these same spheroids as lenses – as if a plano-convex lens were pressed to the surface to reveal […]


In the studio: Painting progressing, I wanted to capture each and every passage of paint so far – which I have done in terms of the animation above. Experience tells me that the painting is about a quarter of the way through but I can’t be certain. Lighting conditions vary greatly from day to day […]

Next, Yellow

  The painting continues:   This, a primary field – one straight out of the Huge First Nothing. Red – What next? yellow?  blue?   Answer the same as before because it was right there beneath my hand – closest and therefore, in this instant, the dearest too.   This is reason good enough?   […]