Select Show Camberwell Space UAL London

I am very happy to announce that Mind Mirror (Step Back and Breathe in the Atmosphere of Your Own Meaning) has been chosen by the jury for the Select Show at Camberwell Space. Our MA show runs from 11th – 17th July, however, the Select Show runs through the Summer, from 11th July until 27th […]

Show Build (midpoint reflections)

It’s Saturday now and Camberwell is closed, so can’t continue the show build, so reflecting on the show build so far: Yesterday I was able to enjoy a long conversation with Lyu Wen and she also looked at the paintings and videos afterward, asking me some interesting and insightful questions which I greatly appreciated. Earlier […]

Show Build(continued /day 3)

Day three nitty gritty: The paintings were all hung by the afternoon of day three, which was yesterday. In between we continued to improve other painted walls around and adopted a plinth for Alexis (first year interim show next door) which also needed a complete revamp with tape and repaint in several coats. I also […]

The Summer Show Build (continued/day2)

The nitty gritty of day two: The repainting of my wall was completed, also further coats to other walls all around, the whole room began to look much better for this important and time-consuming preparation. The selection of the paintings had to be made, so the paintings envisaged were taken out of their packaging and […]