Tutorial with Gareth Polmeer

Tutorial with Gareth Polmeer: 16.00 Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today’s Skype tutorial went well. I was able to send Gareth the first draft of my research question and an abstract for the statement. I am doing much background reading on the subject of poiesis and still gathering together my main references.  I have already written lots but need now to filter and condense it all. I am very apt to digress once I get going but nevermind, I can discipline myself. Gareth sent me an additional link to some new material relevant to my research statement.

In background, today I have been starting to process the best quality photos of the painting sequences, beginning with the painting Mind Mirror.  This means learning Adobe Lightroom to best process the images as these series I intend to publish in book form eventually. I have completed several large paintings since I began the MA last October, and each series of photos has now to be worked on. All in all, plenty to be doing – and as always I am in the middle of the next painting – which I shall begin posting up soon – early days but header image acts as a taster, this painting is just starting out on its journey. I have my system of pictopoiesis regarding how to make it but I do not know what form it will be given or take up.  I have to cultivate it purposefully and let it be at the same time, this is the balance that has to be struck to keep it alive.