Pictopoiesis – Your Own Meaning (Mind Mirror)

I particularly like making these short pictopoiesis videos because the Spark video format is simple and limited in contrast with the complexity of the painting. The below video, which has a written narrative and a minimal sound track is my submission for the upcoming interim show. Throughout the painting I had practopoiesis in mind, hence its title Mind Mirror – the narrative  uses the word ‘traversing’ in connection with the traverses Danko Nikolic refers to in his practopoiesis theory: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002251931500106X 

Meanwhile, have been processing the higher quality photos in Adobe Lightroom (new to me) and then Photoshop. Each photo in the series has to go through several editing stages. This is long slow work which cannot be done in a hurry.

I am also working on my research statement, keeping everything concurrent as everything interlinks. I would like to project this video eventually along with others, alongside the painting.  My project also involving, eventually a Mixed Reality scenario, connecting traditional painting with digital technology in an extended poiesis.

Also working on a new painting the image sequence of which has to be processed in the same way as indicated above.