Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney: 3.45pm Monday 12th November 2018

Jonathan was very supportive and encouraging. Now, just a day away from the Project Proposal and blog curation deadline, I am almost ready. I have learned much by re-reading all my posts over the last year. It has been a challenge to categorise as many of the posts sit in many categories but now I can see how I can filter and refine it all. This is a good place to begin the work for Unit 2.

Above all, after all the writing that has needed to be done, I am itching to get on with all the making needed to fulfill the project proposal, and I was keen to outline a few of the new ideas I would like to include. I shall continue throughout painting at the same pace as during unit one.  The days are now short and working conditions are not ideal but I have a variety of productions ongoing; some of them on the computer, where it doesn’t matter that it is dark.  I noticed from my blog that studio conditions govern production in that space. But we have warm Winter quarters where smaller scale work can continue.

The Six Persimmons has moved on (see header image)



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