Pictopoiesis and Practopoiesis

I much appreciated Danko Nikolic’s comment on the latest pictopoiesis video and have selected for this post a short animation which I found in my library – it comes across to me as being how the invisible activity of a (living) thought might look like, reminding me again of practopoiesis, and Danko Nikolic’s paper, How Life Fosters a Mind. This all feeds into the project I am wanting to develop, and pilot Summer 2019, which has as its working title, Acts of Poiesis, and involves, amongst other things, setting up a mixed reality installation by means of the Microsoft HoloLens.

Pictopoiesis – Your Own Meaning (Mind Mirror) was included in the recent MA Interim Show at Camberwell UAL. It is shown again below. These simple, short videos attempt a synthesis, narrated through painting, of influences both historical and contemporary, from different fields of thought; including poetry – a collaboration with Nicholas Gulig and reference (traversing) to neuroscience – Danko Nikolic’s theory of practopoiesis:



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