Pictopoiesis, almost finished and just beginning

Still working intensely on the research statement. Unlike painting, where I see the whole of it at a time, in terms of its gestalt, in writing I can’t see the whole all at once, can only get to really know it over time – re-reading over and over.

Returning from 6 weeks away from the studio, spent in the South of France, I re-encounter the paintings that were in progress. The break was full of distractions, easy pleasures along with doing my research statement. Reunion with the suspended paintings is joyful but also very challenging as  I have to immediately re-gain my momentum with them, connecting with an interior thought flow completely different to that of the past six weeks.

I have to confront one painting, almost finished and another at the same time just beginning, and exactly what is to be made of each, I can only find out through the doing of it. Then I shall format them as narrative sequences in terms of pictopoiesis, and decide on their titles accordingly.






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