Microcosm, Macrocosm

The translucent spheroids are one of the means by which the painting’s narrative is made; they are as permeable veils connecting all directions and planes, so contributing to the sense of depth. I also begin to see these same spheroids as lenses – as if a plano-convex lens were pressed to the surface to reveal further the internal microcosm of the painting.

The microscopic has already been implied in the painting overall right from the start by the fact that the central body being cultivated, is a simple one, of few cells, or organs, or just one differentiated cell – perhaps all of these at the same time.

These bubble-like spheroids are mirrored, formed in the same way in the environment that surrounds the central body seen in the painting – they represent the matter/non-matter of the outer universe, the external environment, and its endless extension, even to the unbounded limits of the universe. I have been building up this area of the painting as I go, as a counterbalancing act with respect to the central body, as I have been cultivating that, though relative to it is less visible, tantamount to invisible perhaps?

The edges of the painting connect with the rest of the universe, they actually do – the containment of the support does not signify a limitation at all in my approach. The spheroids become partial at the edges implying connection, and also exchange. Everything internal is in counter-exchange with its external environment, and life depends on it. I see reflections of diffusion, osmosis, leading to homeostasis, coming into play over and over again in the painting field.

In envisioning the cosmic extension to the painting, I wish to imply that although the painting is contained by the limits of its support physically (clarifying an idea embodied by the painting) that it extends potentially as far as the imagination will let it – it has a latent possibility for anything?

The bubble-like environment universe of the painting, it its way, has echoes of Quantum Foam?

Quantum foam (also referred to as spacetime foam) is a concept in quantum mechanics devised by John Wheeler in 1955. The foam is conceptualized as the foundation of the fabric of the Universe.



There are many many references on the web; I have chosen, as below, one from amongst them (for no reason other than that it was there) a YouTube documentary about the quantum universe and the mind-boggling implications of it all.

and the painting is calling me again – just as my mind can no longer contain the immensity of it all – and my thoughts are flying off in too many directions

The painting is a filtering and distillation of thought and material  – I clarify by stating a unification of the whole – an axis mundi ? – and remind myself of how incredibly rudimentary I am, we are, in the context of the unbounded universe.  I actually find that comforting, not alarming, it makes me able to chose one thing over another in terms of what is possible and what is not (or not yet) in this world overflowing with potential.


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