I made it so

the painting continues:


I see

the painting is beginning to come into itself –

I am more and more wrapped up in it.

Take a step back –

we become too bound up in each other

and I have to stay in control of this.


Capture it, transfer it to this screen –

the objectification which this instigates no longer works as it did at the beginning –

the painting is too familiar

but it is far from finished.


I remember –

that I actually do know what to do,

as I have been here countless times.


I need to reorientate myself relative to it –

effect a fresh reconnection.


There is an inevitability about it already –

I see its destiny clearly

but that destiny, though inevitable, is not predictable.


Simplify it by doing more.

Refine, make it finer.

Remake it –


finer still.


How to intensify –

cultivate from a different perspective,

to better emphasize.


I change its orientation,

and in so doing change the world,

renewing my position relative to it –

echoing our Quantum Universe


The world continues, its future a matter of the continuing past.

It could not be otherwise.

Material persists,

will always persist,

has always been there,

is it. it is

of me,

of you,

of us.


This possibility was built into it from the very start.

I made it that way.


So it was made, will be made, is made –

again and again…

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