Free Education exhibition

At the very beginning of term, I sent a small scale experimental gif as a submission to the Central St Martins UAL Students Union call for exhibits for their current FREE EDUCATION protest and exhibition at the CSM SU Gallery

The work was selected and I was able to participate and connect without the immense task of having to deal with the physicality of paintings and their display. The experience of standing in front of the painting, face to face is something entirely different to looking at an image of it – but when that image is of the painting and is animated, then it becomes interesting to me.

The gif I have put as a header to this post – I created a slogan/title and painted it – experimenting in using letters and words as passages of paint. It has an obvious connection with my larger works, and with written poetry, as it is made of letters/words. Below is the final image as a still, the work is titled:

after all a free mind is perhaps best informed by free education

(I decided on no punctuation whatsoever, or capitalisation, to make the thought as open as possible)


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