First Tutorial: Monday 30th October 2107 (9.30 am)

with Jonathan Kearney

I benefitted hugely from this and felt very encouraged to do all that I had in mind (I have a lot in mind and did a lot of talking – too much to write here) and more. In particular, I see that it is important to be ambitious. My ideas for the project were well received by Jonathan and I shall document them as soon as possible – the painting keeps calling me – it is in full swing now (the header image shows it on my table).

Jonathan emphasised the importance of keeping painting very much at the centre of my practice, which confirms my own conviction having put most of my life already to developing my own approach to painting, it has become more and more like an axis mundi. I am fully committed to it and always have been, it feels like a faith, I am not religious otherwise. Now with a large body of work already behind me, my perspective is very different to that of earlier years. I feel I am in control of my painting, which makes my choices much easier. Experience tells me over and over again that the way ahead is best mapped by being aware of that which is to be avoided – I have found that things do get clearer – I did not know that I would ever arrive at this point, I just kept going, never cutting my idea short. My approach has always been a very long-term one.

Now though, I am faced with a rather different context – I must look at what I can do in the immediate, short-term. Important too; I no longer have the luxury of so much time ahead, which I did have when I was younger.

The talk also confirmed that the layered historical context that is part of my biography is important. I have been reflecting on this in particular and have begun writing it up – many contexts have contributed to my own formation and evolution, and need to be documented – this I shall put down in writing as historical/biographical context – which I shall keep adding to until it is complete – it will be a very long page. This reflection is well overdue but my memory is clear, right back to my early years. Pertinent to the context of this MA – I can remember a time before computers and have seen an astonishing speed of change in all matters.

The tutorial reminded me that earlier this year I gave a comprehensive talk about my work at The Usher Gallery, and it was well received. I enjoyed explaining myself in response to audience questions because I have asked myself so many questions, intensely, as I have gone along.

I would like to do more talks and shall research possible venues – I must be confident in putting myself forward in this respect.

The painting is calling me to continue…

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