Conclusion and Continuity

This blog, as the reflective journal specifically for my MA Fine Art Digital, recently successfully completed, has come to an end but I intend to continue it as a reflective blog, not wanting to create a discontinuity. My work roots itself in seeing the future as a matter of the continuously evolving past, such that even changing the very basic theme of this blog does not feel right to me at the moment, so I continue as I am.  This post will therefore rename my blog as a Reflective Journal.  The final term at Camberwell ended officially 19th July 2019 but I have done a few blogs in the meantime, so let’s say it ends today, Saturday 3rd August 2019.

I am very pleased to say that I received a distinction for my MA along with the Alumni Prize. Thank you to those who have helped and encouraged me from the outset. More specifically I am deeply grateful to Jonathan Kearney, MA Fine Art Digital Course Leader, who is also the architect and originator of the course, for having me onboard.


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