Select Show Camberwell Space UAL London

I am very happy to announce that Mind Mirror (Step Back and Breathe in the Atmosphere of Your Own Meaning) has been chosen by the jury for the Select Show at Camberwell Space. Our MA show runs from 11th – 17th July, however, the Select Show runs through the Summer, from 11th July until 27th […]

Announcement and Invitation to the Summer Show

This post is to announce the MA Fine Art Digital Summer Show 11th-18th July. This is also an invitation to visit the show whether you are based in London or just happen to be there at the time. Please do come and make yourself known to me – I plan to be there throughout. This […]

Reviewing Titles

labels are due soon (link to calendar concerning the Summer Show) so have been reviewing the titles for the paintings for the upcoming Summer show as given in this earlier post Dates for the Summer Show are: Thursday 11 July 18.00 – 21.00 – opening night Friday 12 July 10.00 – 20.00 Saturday 13 July […]

Titles for paintings

I have added dimensions and current titles to the images in the previous post. This naming of work is something I have talked about in a previous post. It is possible that the works will acquire additional titles in the future as they may reidentify themselves once they are fully in the world – much the […]

Getting things together

As seen below, I now have nine paintings ready for the Summer show. Another one is ongoing but I do not plan to include it, just keep working on it. Finishing a painting as far as shows are concerned means having also allowed for it to have dried, so it can be transported more easily […]

The future as a matter of the continuously evolving past

The painting above (125 x 127 cm) is one I have been working on today as I would like to complete it for the Summer show. It has been suspended for a year having been started early on in the MA. Here is a reminder of how it began and its story so far:

Reviewing Some Paintings

Oil on aluminium, dimensions are given below each painting, all of them made since the beginning of the MA:  123 x 125 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one still to be completed) 125 x 127 cm 125 x 123 cm 125 x 127 cm (this one above still ongoing)  125 x 123 cm   […]