Becoming itself

In the studio:

The painting has progressed and been photographed at each phase. I now have a procession of images – and am currently processing them – I choose this word having still in mind Tuesday’s online Processing workshop (see page titled Processing in this blog)

The animation below begins to unfold the picture’s narrative further and is a first step towards a final digital outcome – to be shown on a screen of any size – I would like this to be scalable, eventually, from the handheld to a huge wall – the consideration of scale instigates further thought/ideas about body relationship to the work, such that I and You are on common ground in relation to it – after all, the world is perhaps best understood as a body – I repeat myself, to remind myself, the most fundamental things are invisible, easily forgotten but always they are there in front of us and within us.  The external and internal are in constant exchange, movement is fundamental to being alive – the fluidity of the paint can embody this?

Animate the painting, begin to unfold the story that began with the Huge First Nothing:






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