The line as a continuum of corporeality

unedited, unpunctuated stream of thought/free verse concerning the painting and its making:

(image below is detail of top right-hand area of the painting in the header of this post, in its present state)





chalazae  cultivating

to somehow suspend

and span the unbounded whole

this invisible somehow

most real by its corporeality

paint is corporeal

its body a property

countless bodies touching make a line

intimating the haptic sense

in all directions

across, into, out of

back, forward

all adding up to the perfect instant

in which presence is palpable

as it has been since the first day

and will be until the last

and even after that

this living line

contains the thread that unifies

a rosary perhaps for a direct connection

with the god of all of us

and within us

this chain is in its raw state rough-hewn

primeval in the idea and in its design

conceived out of wonderment

in communion with

the rest of creation

feeling perceiving detecting an urge

to want to convey that feeling to another

to sing a song

of common ground

a living dynamic balancing trapeze

lightning spark

on life’s first day

and knowing that

with absolute certainty

we all know this

here is the how of it

without the why


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