Show Build(continued /day 3)

Day three nitty gritty:

  • The paintings were all hung by the afternoon of day three, which was yesterday. In between we continued to improve other painted walls around and adopted a plinth for Alexis (first year interim show next door) which also needed a complete revamp with tape and repaint in several coats.
  • I also managed to unblock the sink (such satisfaction!) we had been using for water in the nearest sink in Robin’s room – actually it was just full of rubbish and I used the palm of my hand in a plastic bag as an improvised plunger. Now kehkashan will have a sink to hand – she will be needing it!
  • NB everyone else will be arriving on Monday and the room will be very busy, so great we could set up early.
  • A computer and headphones for each of the paintings were obtained by Jonathan, and these set up in front, on the floor (floor swept and thoroughly cleaned, on hands and knees)
  • The floor cushions (kept in their wrappings until the last minute, to keep clean) were placed in front of each computer (also for the headphones to rest on) to give the overall look of the display.
  • Each screen was set up with the appropriate video and tested; all worked well
  • Final adjustments for the videos, eg volume were left until Monday as it was then evening and time to go home.


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