Show Build (midpoint reflections)

It’s Saturday now and Camberwell is closed, so can’t continue the show build, so reflecting on the show build so far:

Yesterday I was able to enjoy a long conversation with Lyu Wen and she also looked at the paintings and videos afterward, asking me some interesting and insightful questions which I greatly appreciated. Earlier in the day, I had been helping Lyu Wen prepare the soil for the grass seeds; it needs plenty of water for the germination so we covered it with plastic to prevent drying out. The soil lying on the floor near to the paintings feels like a great companionship, and the smell of the damp soil is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing Lyu Wen’s performances – we talked about that too; Lyu Wen shared her concept with me in the conversation – her envisioning of the candle burning down on the grass growing up, as a notion concerning the passage of time, is poetic.


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