Painting into words

Above, the painting as it is now. I have to take a step back to decide whether it is completed or not. The following free verse, arises out of re-reading the painting, working through the layers of thought that are embodiedĀ in its poiesis:




What if you could begin again?

Organelle, organelles, originating, originated,

Then, increasing by means of the

Silent and cellular nature of the situation

And traversing all the planes of your own presence,

Encompass yourself across dimensions

Palpably invisible that have no bounds –

Culturing, cultivating, cycle-encircling, circle-encycling,

Unfolding horizons of nothing absolute, of absolution

Unknowing the who, how or whence,

In wanderings, not so random –

I ask you, where do you want to go, over, again?

You ought to know your way by now,

These are the lineaments of your own face –

Step back, and breathe in the atmosphere of your own meaning.