Painting into words

Above, the painting as it is now. I have to take a step back to decide whether it is completed or not. The following free verse, arises out of re-reading the painting, working through the layers of thought that are embodied in its poiesis:


YOUR OWN MEANING (annotated for my own reference with spoken narration of eventual animation/film in mind):


what if you could begin again – organelle organelles originating originated – then increasing  by means of the silent and cellular nature of the situation and traversing all the planes of your own presence – encompass yourself across dimensions palpably invisible that have no bounds – culturing cultivating – cycle encircling circle encycling unfolding horizons of nothing absolute — of absolution — unknowing the who how or whence in wanderings not so random – I ask you where do you want to go over again – you ought to know your way by now –  these are the lineaments of your own face – step back – and breathe in the atmosphere of your own meaning –