Why it is dangerous to think virtual reality is an empathy machine.

I would have liked to have had this as reference material for my research paper but I only just got it from Aeon (online). I receive their newsletter and recommend it. There is even a publishable transcript for this article through this link.

The header image is of my aeonium plants, which I juxtaposed with the painting Mind Mirror painting, as I also have practopoiesis in mind at this time (something about structure and architecture, as yet indefinable)

notes to self:

reference for unfolding pictopoiesis, which will be my next paper; there is an interrelationship between the content of the article at the link above, practopoiesis and pictopoiesis which I would like to be able eventually to articulate. That’s for the next research paper.


mid 17th century: via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek aiōn ‘age’.

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