Referencing William Kentridge

Our Skype chat Thursday featured William Kentridge. I already knew the three videos that Jonathan presented. Below are the two Kentridge videos that I cited in my research paper. Kentridge has worked things out by filtering them through himself, not taking things second hand and because of that, he is able to talk with a poetic clarity that is unifying in a way that common sense is. This is why he connects so well and is so worth listening to and looking at. What a wonderful thing, online videos that we can access so easily. Kentridge came to UAL to give us a talk, which I appreciated but I would have much preferred that it was him talking all the time rather than him being guided and interrupted in a chat session. Question and answer in the case of Kentridge, I think really diluted his presence – he offers so much more on his own just talking as he does. Below my own references are the three that Jonathan brought to our attention in the Skype chat.

SFMOMA. (2010) William Kentridge on his process. Available at: (Accessed: 15 October 2018).

Louisiana Channel (2014) William Kentridge interview: How we make sense of the world. Available at:  (Accessed: 15 October 2018).

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