Finally, with Jonathan’s help I got my Research Paper uploaded onto moodle.  So to relax briefly, a few recent photos and reflections, also to broaden my context here a little.

We are in Lincolnshire, on Apple Day we can take our apples to be identified. Our dear neighbours have given us an apple tree in their garden, so we took a sample to identify. Isaac Newton came from Lincolnshire – we found his apple at the event, along with others. The categorisation of these apples reminds me of the curating of this blog, which I have to do next, according to the MA course requirements.

It is good to get out for a walk, and when one gets into academics it is easy to get buried in the subject.  We have a walk across fields very nearby and at the end, some distance away is a large badger set. The badgers have their own hobbit-like world, I am looking at a completely different, magical world, which clearly has is own societal structure. As I walked back I was wandering what badgers eat imagining root vegetables hanging from the ceilings of these badger abodes.

Next time I go out I shall bring back some more images of my surroundings to share on this blog. The sky and the horizon are the defining big features of the landscape here. These elements have influenced me greatly. They are unifying.

notes to self: influence of the landscape

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