Symposium 2 – reflecting on feedback

I have had some problems retrieving the Skype feedback of my online peers but one thing I remember was the feedback in terms of hearing my  narration. I have discovered over the course of the MA that I really enjoy narrating. This has given me encouragement and impetus with respect to creating narratives to the videos currently being complied for the Summer show.

There are nine paintings in all and I am preparing audio tracks for each of their videos, some being narrations I have been working on in the background – I call them “painting in words”. Once completed I shall post all these up – each video with its painting making a gallery representative of work produced over this 2 year MA. The nine installation units for the Summer show will therefore each be an integration of painting, poetry and video. There is a modularity underpinning my presentation, which I intended from the outset as I knew that great flexibility would be needed at the final show.

Soon the floor plans will have been mapped out by my London peers with Jonathan and I can get a good idea of how it will all look.

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