Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney 4.30pm Monday 20th May 2019:

This tutorial, successfully undertaken online away from the studio was a chance to have a good chat with Jonathan concerning the Summer show. Fortunately I was in a position to have filled out the Summer Show Planning 2019 list on our wiki page, so we had a good point of reference to work from. It was great to have Jonathan’s input as to variants of the basic idea of paintings shown with their timelines. The timelines are works in their own right needing careful consideration and planning all along. We also discussed the number of paintings to be included and potential space.
Things are clarifying nicely but still a lot of work to be completed in making the timeline animations/videos.

Though everything works back to the paintings the timelines would not have been possible without the digital tools deployed – as digital forms they stand alone as well as in juxtaposition with the paintings. I was able to explain where I am with my work as a whole, and projecting beyond the MA. The Summer show and the 2nd Symposium dovetail together nicely.


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