Tutorial (2nd) with Jonathan Kearney, 23/01/ 2018 (10.45 am)

(Header image: oil and graphite on paper JWR 2014)

I am very invigorated by and grateful for Jonathan’s thoughts and insights regarding my project.  Talking in terms of the eventual installation of the GIFs I realise that the paintings, which are so taciturn in their nature, really can be brought out of hiding, untrapped. In envisaging the curation of the eventual show I can begin to think in terms of how people might engage when they see the paintings and then the GIFs, or the GIFS first. In an installation would be created a space between, where the audience moves from paintings to GIFs or visa versa. This space is potentially a very interesting one as the audience will demonstrate behaviors depending on how they interact with the work as a whole, moving across this interspace.  This would yield new insights and possibilities for the work as a whole, it adds the human element quite literally. Perhaps the denouement (a dramatic term) of the painting will intensify the experience of the painting itself, make it known why it is the way it is and the nature of its true character.

In connection with the above, Jonathan drew my attention to the book Rethinking Curating by Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook.

Our chat made me remember my works on paper, which I would like to begin to bring out and make new ones, with sequential photographing. So much to do and all of it absorbing. I feel very happy with this.

The above, all with reference to Project Proposal 1


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