Timeline and the Cyclical

The painting is moving towards its inevitable, though always unpredictable conclusion.  I stand back and evaluate using the digital images, re-evaluating the picture.  To refresh the situation, I revisit the consideration of the picture’s orientation. From the beginning, I factored flexibility of orientation of the painting. I begin to see a preferred orientation emerging, perhaps, I know too that it can still surprise me, is not predictable.


This new situation set in motion so easily using the digital, gives rise to a circular/cyclical movement across the surface rather than into the painting, its timeline so far, as shown in the header animation sequence.



This surface movement is newly fascinating; I see for example, that a potential line could be plotted over the surface by following a fixed point, generating a line drawing that has its origin in terms of the corporeal properties of the painting itself. This surface movement is linear, circular and cyclical.

All this has arisen out of a traditional medium, oil paint, which I have taken significantly further using the digital as a tool.  I remind myself that the subject of the painting is the thought of the painting itself. What might be the potential in all this?

Cybernetics comes to mind

Note to self: distinctly different ways of writing are emerging for me – the artistic/reflective/descriptive as above and the free verse which seems to be a better option for trying to express that which is impossible to put into words, perhaps it is a form of empathy?

Also, actually potentially plot the movement across the surface of a fixed point – fix a transparent film to the screen surface and create a line drawing following a fixed point as it goes – Spyrograph style. I would have to slow down the GIF considerably to do this.







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