Circular – Cyclical – Circadian

from rhythm, to flow (also to flood), to circular, to cyclical, to circadian: circular /ˈsəːkjʊlə/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: circular 1. having the form of a circle. “the building features a circular atrium” synonyms: round, disc-shaped, disc-like; More (of a movement or journey) starting and finishing at the same place and often following roughly the circumference of an […]

Timeline and the Cyclical

The painting is moving towards its inevitable, though always unpredictable conclusion.  I stand back and evaluate using the digital images, re-evaluating the picture.  To refresh the situation, I revisit the consideration of the picture’s orientation. From the beginning, I factored flexibility of orientation of the painting. I begin to see a preferred orientation emerging, perhaps, I […]