The painting as it is now

The large painting has undergone much transformation from its simple beginnings. Its present state is:

My head is overflowing with ideas as to where I can take this, so better to do a load of references in notes to self at the end of this post because writing it all up would be just too much and I have the problem of my eyes getting very tired again with the screen. I really have to limit my writing even though, frustratingly, I have loads of drafts which I would like to improve. The painting takes up all of me and there is no other way to resolve it. I am very happy to be able to be in the studio at last – it is just warm enough to stay in there all day.

I shall try to keep making the pictopoiesis videos and gifs in parallel – I have an awful lot of work in progress towards the final outcome of my project.

Notes to self in no particular order:

painting as an illusion (of depth) and the illusion that is created by virtual reality


haptic etymology and definition

understanding human perception by human-made illusions

Great Mirror Vincent of Beauvais

Okagami (Great Mirror)