Pictopoiesis – first video

Making my MPR video was a steep learning curve – which is what I like as I now have a new tool in the form of the video storytelling format. Also, I actually enjoyed doing the narration, which surprised me.

My idea is to build up, improving as I go a series of very short videos introducing the notion of Pictopoiesis. Then to see where this leads me. I am not so much worried about the quality of say, the photos as the photographs can easily be substituted for better if I go into my library but that takes more time as I have to change computers – so I shall tend to cobble it for now. I also have to keep painting that includes making large physically demanding works.

The studio is just getting warm enough to be able to work in there continuously. The light levels fluctuate a lot though – today the light is very poor. I work by daylight whenever possible so the season and weather are a major influencing factor. I actually like grey days in themselves. I am interested in that which is behind the veil of cloud. There is always a beyond to reach towards – it motivates me forward towards the invisible to be rendered visible. The thought of it, as a form of presence. I embrace uncertainty, I live with it. I transfer myself into the painting. Being alive has an inevitability about it but it is not predictable. I can always state my own ground in it. Keep grounded. Axis Mundi. the ground beneath my feet. Thought itself is the most beautiful thing – so make the thought of it. Make it from zero. Zero is a placeholder. The zero black dot. An apostrophe.  Apostrophizing – holding the place of that which is absent, no longer present.  Of that which never actually existed?  Imagine that then. What might it mean?

First video – which was represented in the show on 20th March, Camberwell Common Room Pop Up Show


Note to self – work on this video to co-ordinate the soundtrack better, plus other refinements.


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