Pictopoiesis – first, short (under a minute) videos

The Mid Point review preparation introduced me to Adobe Spark, courtesy of Steph Bebbington, whose ready knowledge of such things is astounding. Gratitude to Steph! I found it very new to be working with something so already-smart as this little video generator.

Thing is, all my life I have concentrated on creating paintings from a zero start, and to use such clever tools is quite a contrast. I am beginning to make the first videos unfolding pictopoiesis. Below are two short videos that begin the unfolding of the elements of pictopoiesis. I intend to make many of them refining the visuals as I go. In terms of the quality of the video, these first two have many things that need refining – I am aware of it – but as my already-watery eyes are getting very tired of looking at this screen, and there is the next pop up show coming up and the deadline for submitting files is tomorrow (Monday 9am), I shall submit these two as they are. I also need to get into the studio and begin the next large painting – we had a snow blizzard yesterday and the temperature plummeted. This coming week should see a return to better weather and with it the possibility of spending prolonged spells in the studio. The new camera is ready set up to begin the next sequential photo-documentation.


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