I ask myself, I ask you

In the studio: next painting to be done, already primed (on aluminium). The painting has its full potential as it is now, here in front of me, in Negative Capability (potential is only that, the not-yet-realized, nothing more or less). The physicality of its presence is striking, as there is, as yet, no illusion to distract. A monument, its scale, my scale, our scale to relate to bodily.  Each of us is a body made of cells, this a field of common ground.

After all, the world is perhaps best understood as a body – I ask myself, I ask you.

Life itself depends on material first, the immaterial depends on the material (the mind is inseparable from the body). The idea of the painting is inseparable from the material technique. This approach I have arrived at filtering and distilling many over years – simplifying without oversimplifying.

To exist in uncertainty – is in our nature

I notice an inactive computer screen is on the floor – I wonder what is the nature of the space between the yet-to-be-done painting and the inactive computer screen, and I myself between/amongst them…

(The space between…Homeostasis – a balancing act of feedback systems, necessary for us to be alive)

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