First Red


In the studio again:

moving the painting on –

I can’t just stay in the same spot.

The ground beneath my feet moves with me

Though I am still in love with it,

it is barely begun.


I introduce red and cultivate its extension.

The red suggests its own shape,

I follow it

and feed it.


What a beautiful liberty

and synchronicity of being.



This material satisfies me entirely


I am afoot with my vision

(thank you Dear Whitman)


Knowing what it needs

I feed it some more of itself,

of myself.

and why red?

because it was there already,

what I have to hand


and because


We are blood,

We are bodies.


I am on common ground?


I have to leave it flat.

(though I crave to see it on screen)

I shall feast

from the screen.


Leave it, don’t overbear on it.

Tomorrow, perhaps

Patience, self-control.


I know where I am coming from

whence we came

I know where I am going?


We are going where?






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