Getting things together

As seen below, I now have nine paintings ready for the Summer show. Another one is ongoing but I do not plan to include it, just keep working on it. Finishing a painting as far as shows are concerned means having also allowed for it to have dried, so it can be transported more easily – and I have had this in mind since the outset of this MA. I have in the past taken fresh still-wet paintings to exhibitions – it can be done but it is to be avoided if at all possible. I have paintings where some thick passages of paint are still not fully dry after years – in this respect oil paint is problematic.

The thinnest passages of paint dry over a few weeks, so they are less of a problem but still the longer the better. Each painting has to be packed and transported to London which is about 180 miles away. Our trusty little van might just be able to do the job but two trips might be needed. Now is the time to begin co-ordinating such matters as we have an upcoming trip to London otherwise. I prefer to take the paintings myself as packing for sending by other means is quite a business. Things are about to get hectic and actually having a painting ongoing in the studio means I can keep grounded in the bigger picture of what is actually going on.

Still laboriously processing the images for the sequences for the animated timelines.  But the final images (some still need adjusting tonally) for each painting (oil on aluminium) are shown below, most recently concluded first:


Cradle, oil on aluminium, 125 x 127 cm

Grain of Sand, oil on aluminium, 125 x127 cm

Cultivating a Commons, oil on aluminium, 125 x 127 cm

Covenant, oil on alumium, 125 x 127 cm

The Wisdom that Comes after the Transformation (of Six Persimmons), oil on aluminium, 125 x 123 cm

Undisclosed (Your Silence Never Escaped My Attention) oil on aluminium, 125 x 127 cm

This Silent Planet (There are More Planets than Stars) oil on aluminium 125 x 127 cm

Mind Mirror/Step back and Breathe in the Atmosphere of Your Own Meaning, oil on aluminium, 125 x 123 cm

Out of the First Huge nothing, oil on aluminium, 125 x 123 cm

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