Unfolding Pictopoiesis

I have taken the leporello (concertina) format and developed it by a double folding into a map-like foldable/unfoldable. I would call it a double leporello map. It has the feel of being both a map and a book. This is very pleasing to me. More than this, it offers a grid-like structure of cells which I can annotate. By making many more leporellos I shall systematically unfold the many elements of pictopoiesis. The eventual sum total of all these elements deployed in interaction with each other is what makes up my larger paintings. In each case, the elements in themselves are fundamental units within my methodology which in themselves hold together inseparably the material, technical and conceptual components.

The first leporellos, oil on paper, titled Solutions and Dissolutions, are shown below. Also the latest large painting, oil on aluminium, in progress in its early stages showing solutions and dissolutions in action. The paint has plasticity, the brain has neuroplasticity. There is correspondence with practopoiesis.





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