Random Wandering, Wondering

This wander that the line takes across the painting surface is also a wandering of wonderment in terms of that which it encounters along the way. These encounters are in terms of the detailing, in layers and the layput of the pictorial field. The element of wonderment causes the line to pause or change direction, in noticing any particular feature, which can also be an imagined, invisible feature, anywhere along its pathway. In its PICTOPOIESIS the physical and the non-physical, the thought and the material are inseparable.

At the same time, the line, at times implies a type of movement which has no governance, is unpredictable. I am thinking of the random movement of molecules: a movement evidenced indirectly in the demonstration of Brownian motion. This all-pervading randomness fascinates me; does it point to a truth about existence?

It is possible to plot the pathway of a molecule according to Brownian motion, supporting the Line on Lines such as lines are movement and lines show direction.

Notes to self:

There are so many wonderful links re Brownian motion. It is also perhaps something to watch and record myself with the foldscope – and then potentially produce as a video?

Higher quality video footage of Brownian motion


I see the author of the above kindly allows the use of the video

Brownian motion mentioned in my study plan on PebblePad 


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