Founding, Refinding and Unfolding



I did not imagine it

I made it

to disclose the instant

through the instance

of its making

Painting series above by JWR: each oil on aluminium, different scales (largest approx 125 x 125cm)

Notes to self: founding and unfolding pictopiesis//qualities: corporeality, thingliness, dinglichung//https://phenomenology//architectural – line, point, weave, fabric, loom,


My paintings in the case of the above series are colourful, Guston’s work (below) instead, is a suspension of colour. But there is a structural/painterly correspondence between mine and this particular work at The Tate, by Philip Guston; the elements of painting are in fact few, such that there will always be correspondences to be found, even between radically differently-tempered interpreters of the material:


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